Catching up! Random Photos and more about us!

So much to catch up on and the pictures are such a jumbled mess and not in order of how anything happened. The last two years have been full of ups, downs and amazing surprises. I would say Mostly UPs and not so many downs. Our sweet E joined our Family in July 2016. What a fun birthday surprise for me. Yet again we gained another extended family and absolutely love E's birth family. 

 Alex's 2nd grade school pics!

 AJ started (on his own, a little help from his parents) a Toy drive called E.L.F. Kid. Every Last Fantastic Kid. He collected toys and gave them delivered them to DCFS for all the Foster Kids the first year and Christmas 2017 took his collection to The Ronald McDonald House. He is my tender hearted child and worries mostly about everyone else. This kid is amazing! 

 Christmas 2016

 E was an early walker. She walked at 8 Months!! Yes people 8 Months!! This is E cruising around on the couch before she could fully walk on her own.
 We love the Zoo!!

 Rainforest Cafe Downtown Disney!

 Yay for Disneyland!!

 Crazy Hair day 2016! "Who lives in a Pineapple under the sea..."

 Our Valentines Tradition! We do something fun called Cupids Crazy Cafe.
The Menu has choices like "kisses", "hugs", etc. you put these items under the ordering part of the menu for appetizers, entree and dessert. Each item is a code word for who knows what. So you may end up with Kisses (dessert) for your entree and salad for your dessert! It's way fun and our family loves spending Valentines Day together!

 We get together with AJ's Birth mother every year for his birthday and have a lunch or dinner date! 

 AJ looks has crazy hair in this pic! He spent a lot of time with his cousin Heidi before she left to serve a mission in Atlanta Georgia. Little did we know she would meet an amazing man over there and get married shortly after she got home. My little man was so excited for her. 
 Little E's first pigtails!!
 AJ's first attempt at Crawfish! Yumm! he liked the crawfish taste, just not what he had to do to get it! hahaha!

 Celebrating Birthdays! AJ's Birth mother and AJ's biological sister have birthdays in the same month. Texas Roadhouse here we come! 

 Yes more football! Did I mention that we like football yet?

 Always meeting the players!

 (picture below) This is Jonah Trinnaman. We are actually related. His mom is the reason I have always wanted to adopt, even before I found out that it was the only way we would grow our little family. His mom is my moms cousin. When I was little she adopted J. When most girls were playing house and having their pretend babies, I was adopting mine. hahaha! We are so excited for him and he now plays for the New York Jets! Alex plays center and was hoping to get Jonah's new number 9. He got 59 and he said "That's close enough. It has the number 9 in it."
 (Jonah Trinnaman)

 Bonneville Salt Flats

 Easter at Great Grandmas Home

 AJ LOVES to act! He has been in a couple plays over the years. (above: AJ with his biological brother. below: AJ with his birth mother)
 (below: AJ with his biological grandmother and great aunt)

 (above: AJ with his Auntie. below: AJ with both his grandpas and his sister.)

 This is our first 5k run together. It is so much fun we did it again this year! We all medaled in our age groups this year. 

 More fun at the zoo! E loves the Gorillas!

 I love doing E's hair!!

 Don't know how this got so scrambled. This is AJ's kindergarten graduation! hahah!

 We have moved since this picture. We are in the works of building our fire pit in the new house. We love spending time out by the fire!

 Service project with would Modern Woodmen Youth Service Group. Veterans Day!

 AJ has twin cousins. We love spending time with them. When you throw auntie E in the mix it can get crazy!

 AJ got to sit in some fun race cars. This one is sponsored by Spencer's company.

 Some of our favorite cousins. AJ misses his cousin K (above) he is serving in Liberia right now. 

 We love swimming in Aunt Stacies pool! 

 The Day we E was born. She was a very aware little newborn. AJ couldn't stop holding her and he loved her from the moment he saw her. He is the best big brother!

 E's Birth Family

 E's and AJ's Aunt and Cousin

 AJ sure loves his plays. We go to this place called the Desert Star for his birthday. They do funny parody plays.

 AJ is one smooth operator! Girls swoon over him. This is him at my sisters wedding. Thats the grooms niece. 

 Above: E and AJ with Dad, Grandma and Great Grandma. 4 generations!

 AJ has BIG feet!

 Above: E's Blessing day
 More Disneyland pics from the same trip. I told you these pictures got jumbled. 

We love our Football BYU!!