AJ doing his homework he loves kindergarten

 car he made with dad
 AJ was in Up With Kids 

 My awesome boy!

 We like our Sunday drives. We find some random places and sometimes a Ghost town.

 School pic
 Our friends boy is on the high school football team. We had fun going to one of his games.
 Alex with Jamal Willis
 Goofy boy
 We had fun at Gardner Village. We found all the witches

 Alex is in a Kids volunteer group

Up with Kids 

 Soccer time

 Museum of Curiosity

 AJ was Charley Brown for Halloween. Yes the Halloween version of Charley Brown.

 50's Day at school

All dressed in our Sunday best 

 AJ made Grandma and Grandpa plates for Christmas

 Santa Claus

 AJ got his Golden Key at school. It has 60 Phonemic sounds some have 6 sounds and then there are 4 rules. 

 Dad and AJ's first 5k run together. AJ ran the whole way.

 Family Bowling

 ice cream

 my wreath
 Nephew wedding

 AJ got his first love note from a girl in his kindergarten class

 Santa's beard day
 fun at the mall riding the ride on animals

 school Christmas program

 AJ helping wrap some family Christmas presents

 Helping grandma buy a dress for our niece. AJ was a good sport and held them up for size. Look how excited he is!

 Family Christmas party

Sad Sad Day in December 2015. Criscell's grandfather past away. It was really hard, but the funeral was amazing and so cool to see a military funeral. 

 Christmas time at the mall

 Instead of names on the presents we decided to use pictures
 Yes grandma is a Bronco's fan. this is what we got her.
 Christmas Eve box. We had to get out the hot chocolate, pajamas, and the Key so Santa could get in since we don't have a chimney.

Our new ornaments this year. We try to get one new ornament for every year. 

 Christmas morning

 AJ and Spencer got me this beautiful necklace

 New star wars movie

 out of order Halloween Pics! HAHA!

 AJ and Spencer did the Zipline


 AJ helping mom put on her makeup

 He loves his veggies

 We had to put up the bouncy house in our living room/kitchen area so we could dry it out and fold it up right.

 New Provo Temple tour. It is a beautiful Temple!

 Zoo in the winter is actually really awesome. All the animals are really lively.

 The lions were awesome!

 Spencer's birthday cake I made him for his birthday. His birthday is always around Mardi Gras too! don't look close. I had carpel tunnel and it was hard to do.

 Museum fun with AJ's friend

 Class Valentines Party

 I made heart shaped pancakes for my boys for valentines day

new hairdo 

 Dad and AJ building a toy

 Primary fun at church

Our friends from Elko came to visit for a doctors appointment. We got to watch this sweet thing while they were here. She is soo adorable. AJ will be an awesome big brother 

more camp fire fun! 

 We love to play games! 

The occasional visit to the puppy barn helps us get our puppy time in. 

 Mom and AJ time at the School family movie night

BYU games 

 99 cent any size slurpee day! bring your own container and fill it for 99 cents. BRAIN FREEZE!

 Basketball time at the park

 I painted a bunny rabbit on my toes. I love my new shoes too!

Waiting for his cousin to come home from her mission.  

 Easter egg time!

 BYU Spring scrimmage 

 Family time
 crazy hair day at school

 Easter party at School

 took AJ and a friend to meet a police officer.

 AJ playing with his friends

 AJ at his dress rehearsal for his play
 He was a genie, prince, and his big part was Anger.

 Everyone came out to see him

 our dog Dusty
 pretty toes
 carpel tunnel surgery!
 Spencer making his first lasagna

 Soccer time again! Dad's the coach